Go Places

Redefining boring caliper tests into a useful and truly interactive job interview

Job interviews have a reputation for being dull, a little tense and a whole lot sweaty. Not at Heineken.

While best known for its green-bottled beer, Heineken Company is also a global network of more than 250 different brands and cultures in over 70 countries. This opens up a world of possibilities for those who work at Heineken, with the brand encouraging its employees to develop their career and personal growth by going places. To communicate this, Cloudfactory enlisted us to take things one step further and give Heineken the opportunity to find the people that they want working for them.

In stepped ‘The Interview’: an interactive, anything-but-boring job interview that figures out how you best fit into the world of Heineken. A unique crossover between marketing and HR, ‘The Interview’ is an integrated experience that seamlessly combines entertaining film elements with a user interface and interactive moments, using a rapid-fire process that creates a personalised profile to reflect who you are, and where you could go working with Heineken. Just like in a real job interview, you’ll need to have your wits about you. But mostly, expect fun. Cheers to that.

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