Karwei Stijl Studio

Adding an innovative interactive layer to a retail shopping experience.

Karwei is the leading DIY store with a focus on home decoration in The Netherlands and sells materials for DIY projects and renovations along with their own line of furniture. For this interactive installation, we partnered with Studio Kraftwerk.

Stijl Studio is a personal, one-of-a-kind workstation for Karwei's customers to explore their range of products in a 3D representation of the living space they are renovating. With this innovative use of touchscreen we aimed to enrich the customer shopping experience and make better use of their in-store touch screens.

This product is full of intuitive and easy to use functionalities, that make exploring Karwei's products not only fun and engaging, but also ensures optimised User Experience from start to finish. As a few examples of ways it can be used, rooms can be sketched in 2D, and transformed into a 3D model with just a click of a button. The users can also scan physical products that will be added into their digitally mocked-up room.

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