Porsche Macan AR Billboards + Social

Adding an Interactive AR layer to Porsche Macan billboards

For the introduction of the 2019 Porsche Macan S Superhero Cheesecake partnered with Cramer-Krasselt to create a one-of-its-kind Facebook Spark AR effect. Via the thrilling free Facebook effect users all over the US participated to see a Porsche Macan 'come to life' via coordinated Macan S OOH billboards and print magazine ads.

As well as seeing a high-resolution 3D Porsche Macan S users, using their cameras, could project their own faces right into the drivers seat and see how they’d look driving around in a Macan all their own!

In addition, users were able to fully customize their Macan using a bespoke Spark AR user interface, changing paint color and choosing from an assortment of wheels and rims. Finally, users were able to share their experience on all social networks via a downloadable and shareable video and image.

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