Porsche Taycan - Man vs Machine

Using machine learning and robotics development to prepare the world for sportive electric driving

Porsche has always been revolutionary, and it’s first electric car has taken that to a whole new level. To help people prepare for the revolutionary qualities of the Taycan, we used machine learning to pit humans against self-learning machines in different challenges to prepare for sportive electric driving.

Using Machine Learning, we taught robots to play three games we developed, that would test humans on the same qualities that make the Porsche Taycan the best in its field; focus, spatial awareness, and speed.

For every skill, a mobile challenge was created, where you compete against a self-learning machine that is always improving. The three challenges are housed on a mobile site that explains more about the Taycan through the three machines.

Users compete against a machine in each challenge, alongside other humans, with each challenge using the iPhone’s unique functionality and capabilities in new ways. A leaderboard lets users compare themselves to the machine, as well as other humans competing. But you didn’t think we’d make it that easy did you? Over time, the machine’s capabilities improve, making it harder and harder to beat.

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