Wajer Yachts

Creating a mobile-first website that appeals to the next generation of consumers.

Wajer Yachts have been creating elegant, powerful, and luxurious open day boats for almost a quarter of a century. Today, Wajer Yachts continues to be driven by innovation. But their outdated static website was failing to engage target consumers on an emotional level, and therefore failing to convert them.

We created a luxurious and high-end platform that transports the visitor to the exact moment of casting off with a Wajer Yacht with each click.

Potential customers are guided through interactive elements and 360° product views for each yacht model, offering a vivid experience and giving users the sensation of ownership. Beautiful imagery of interiors and the high-quality fittings offer a detailed view of the models, while for the more technically-minded, blueprints and specifications are also provided.

Throughout the design and development process, it was important to highlight values of innovation and chic design that are central to Wajer. At the same time, providing a simple yet functional tool for visitors to submit enquiries and convert users into active enquiries was key to the site’s success.

Since go-live, Wajer have seen dwell time on the site double, and the number of leads received via the website increase 5X. Not only this, bounce rates across the site have significantly decreased, proving users are able to easily find the information they are looking for as a result of simple and easy navigation.

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